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Most Terrific Child Daycare environment is organized into activity centers. The environment parallels the curriculum with several different areas allowing the children to move freely choosing their activities. The day is scheduled into several blocks of time meeting the physical needs of the children and providing “program time” of either teacher-directed or self-selected activities. Throughout the day there is a balance between indoor and outdoor time, active and quiet activities, and individual and group routines. The schedule provides children a familiar framework that is secure and consistent. The particular areas or activities that you will see throughout the center include...

• Literacy/group area

• Shelf toys and manipulatives

• Music and movement

• Socio-dramatic play

• Creative sensory activities

• Sand and water play

• Block and construction

• Science experiences

• Outdoor and large muscle play

• Meals and naps

• Self-help activities


Most Terrific Child Daycare acknowledges that children learn best through experience. It is where exploration and discovery are rooted. Children learn from what they encounter. The wider the range of experiences; the more opportunity they have to learn. Children acquire the ability to relate to the world around them through active engagement with their environment. This is the model for learning at our daycare. We make connections between the ways we live with the content of our classes. MTC does our best to gage the children’s attention by having them experience what we are learning, like harvesting butterflies when the week’s theme is insects.


• To provide a nurturing, supportive environment in which children, parents, and staff are valued and treated with dignity and respect

• To create an environment for children where routines and boundaries are consistent, clear and predictable

• To offer a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for children in the center, meeting their individual needs and allowing them to make choices.

• To encourage children to think, reason, question, investigate, and experiment through engagement with materials, tools, people, language, ideas, and concepts

• To expand children’s language, literacy, and cognitive development through observations and interactions with the environment

• To assist children with their development of social skills and problem-solving abilities through cooperative play

• To foster positive self-identity and sense of emotional well being in children

• To support children in the development of self-expression, representation and appreciation for the arts

• To develop the children’s physical well-being by encouraging and demonstrating healthy, safe, and nutritional practices

• To respect and respond to cultural diversity

• To establish and maintain a positive relationship with the parents and community allowing for growth and learning

• To present staff with the opportunity for professional growth and development


Most Terrific Child Daycare employs a loving staff that knows each child as an individual and the children as a whole.

We have a variety of experienced staff members. Our teachers are a very stable group usually characterized by having several years of experience working with young children. Our teachers have been certified by the Department of Education, plus they have at least one to three years of experience teaching preschool. They understand children’s needs, demonstrate a working knowledge of child development and quality programming, have strong communication skills, good rapport with children, and enjoy being with them.

It is their role to develop and implement the classroom’s curriculum and to train and supervise their student assistants. The teachers are usually the best authorities on your child’s daily experience while in the center.

Our Staff must be:

• certified in CPR and First Aid

• certified as a mandated reporter

• fingerprinted with the Department of Investigation

• experienced with children

Our teachers must have the above certifications and :

• New York State Teacher’s Certification


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